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  • Quality blend of methylated soybean oil and surfactant emulsifiers.
  • Enhanced leaf penetration provides greater herbicide activity.
  • Low-foam formulation offers a greater ease of use.
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  • High-quality concentration of emulsifiers and methylated seed oil.
  • Flexible across a broad range of herbicides.
  • Made with highly refined soybean oil for enhanced performance, stability, and mixing.
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  • Superior performance over a traditional adjuvant program.
  • Increased efficacy of traditional herbicide applications.
  • Easy mixing and handling.
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  • Drift reduction and deposition agent.
  • Increases performance of any application.
  • Enhanced performance, stability and mixing for ease of use
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  • Quality surfactant that increases the spreading and sticking of pesticides on the leaf surface.
  • Humectant that slows the drying time of spray droplets for increased active ingredient uptake.
  • Helps get by weed defenses like leaf hair, wax, and other materials for better contact to drive in active ingredients.
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Carom Max

  • Superior blend of water conditioning agents.
  • Effective at alleviating antagonism.
  • Unsurpassed droplet coverage and canopy penetration.

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